The Definitive Guide to Spring Web Flow
To make Working with Spring Web Flow more easily available to the general public, it was re-published by Apress. You should now be able to buy a copy at your favourite on-line or brick and mortar book store.

The book was also updated with enhanced coverage of Spring Web Flow's JSF integration and includes new Spring Web Flow 2 material.

By: Erwin Vervaet
Published: October 2008
408 pages, paperback
ISBN10: 1-4302-1624-7
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-1624-7
The Definitive Guide to Spring Web Flow cover
Working with Spring Web Flow cover

Working with Spring Web Flow

By Erwin Vervaet

Published: August 2007
404 pages, paperback, 6.14 x 9.21 x 0.91 inches
ISBN: 978-90-812141-1-7

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Spring Web Flow is an exciting open source framework for developing Java web applications. The framework improves productivity by addressing three major pain-points facing web application developers: user interface navigation control, state management, and modularity.

This book covers Spring Web Flow in detail by explaining its motivation and feature set, as well as providing practical guidance for using the framework to develop web applications successfully in a number of environments.

From this book you will learn:

  • How to get started with Spring Web Flow
  • Leveraging Spring Web Flow's powerful features
  • Extending the framework to take it beyond its out of the box feature set
  • Best practices and real world use-cases
  • Insights into the design and implementation of the framework

About the Author

Erwin Vervaet is the originator of the Spring Web Flow project, and currently co-leads its development. He works as a senior software engineer in Leuven, Belgium.

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